Bike tour 2014 (June 8-13)

Ready to go, June 8 08:30 Gunnar has a new bike this year, Husqvarna 650. Day 1 video:  Click here to watch the video.  Day 2 video:  Click here to watch the video.  Day 3 video:  Click here to watch the video.  Day 4 video:  Click here to watch the video. This is the 2014 tour, 1.743 km Jean followed us the first day and we had lunch together.
Day 1, 330 km After 330 km, we reached hotel Hildegard, a very nice hotel in the middle of nowhere (30 km east of Luzern) After a long day on the bikes, it was nice with a quick nap. Beer before the dinner. The view was really nice.
The suroundings was made for hiking & biking. A happy Mr. Yellow ! Did we order a second time?? Another happy guy.
Gunnars starter. DSCN3909 The wine was really good ! DSCN3912
DSCN3913 Preparing the dress for the walk after our dinner. DSCN3921 Gunnar is having fun.
Walk after our dinner. DSC00949 P6090024 In the morning of day 2, we started to see high mountains.
Our first pass, Pragelpass. P6090030 Heinz is well equiped, with a camera. Heinz is behind all videos. Here's a video from day 2:  Click here to watch the video. Our navigator. Gunnar have been driving the roads, several times, in Google maps, so he could probably find his way without GPS.
Pragelpass 1.550 meter. Klöntalersee We were very lucky with the weather this year. On our way to Klausenpass.
Along Klausenstrasse. Klausenpass Klausenpass. Klausenpass 1.952 meter.
P6090068 P6090070 Still snow in the middle of June. Lunch at Restaurang Piz Calmet, close to Oberalpsee. (2.050 m)
Restaurang Piz Calmet. Oberalpsee. P6090086 Just after 18:00, we arrived to Hotel Ladina 1.250 m. (close to Albulapass)
Day 2, 288 km Another nice dinner, in Hotel Ladina. DSCN0703 Wienerschnitzel.....of course !
Time for the evening walk. Very nice town, Bergün/Bravuogn DSCN3947 Bergün/Bravuogn
Very nice houses. Bergün/Bravuogn DSCN0707 DSCN0710
We ended up in a nice bar. And guess what we ordered? Ready for day 3. Here's a video from day 3:  Click here to watch the video. Albulapass 2.315 m
Mr. Ironbutt is cooling down. DSC00983 Ready for the next pass. The weather couldn't be better.
Schweizerischer Nationalpark Ofenpass, or Pass dal Fuorn 2.149 m. Ofenpass DSC00993
Could it be better? Some gravel roads. Our way to Stelvio pass The last piece to get to Stelvio.
The "Village" in Stelvio pass. A lot of snow. The Swedish ski team was here to practise. 8 meter of snow !!! DSC01006
DSC01008 Mr. Yellow is trying to fly. He failed and survived. Let's find the next pass...... P6100136
Lunch in Premadio. It was really hot here ! P6100145 Passo Foscagno, 2.300 m Passo Foscagno, 2.300 m (according to GPS)
The neighbour filled his car, with Heinz money ! He was really upset ! Passo d´Eira 2.208 m Forcola Di Livigno 2.315 m. Now we cross the border to Italy. DSC01026
Sankt Moritz-Dorf Sankt Moritz-Dorf Sankt Moritz-Dorf Day 3, 277 km
We arrived to hotel Crimea in Chiavenna, a very nice village. Gunnar is so happy to get his first beer for the day. Seems that Mr. Yellow also is happy...... Hotel Crimea in Chiavenna.
It was pretty hot here as 28 degrees. Chiavenna Chiavenna "A few" hours later......
The Bar owner was very nice and probably happy for high spending guys. It's getting late.......Time to go to sleep ! Chiavenna, early morning. The hotel owner offered us to put the bikes the bar !
We climbed the montain to get a view of Chiavenna. Chiavenna Beautiful ! Here's a video from day 4:  Click here to watch the video. Lago Di Montespluga
P6110170 DSC01049 Splügenpass 2.118 m. Back to Switzerland. P6110174
Is it really a girl on that big Harley? Splügenpass Splügenpass Splügenpass
Passo Del San Bernardino 2.066 m. Passo Del San Bernardino Passo Del San Bernardino DSCN0744
Passo Del San Bernardino Stone art at Passo Del San Bernardino Lunch at Ristoranti Gobbi in Piotta. Close to St. Gotthard.
Close to St. Gotthard. Close to Hospental. Really Beautiful ! DSC01063
View from Hotel Tiefenbach Day 4, 219 km Hotel Tiefenbach Same procedure as every day !
A GPS and a beer.....actually everything you need ! DSCN0761 Another very nice dinner in Hotel Tiefenbach DSCN0770
Evening walk. Hotel Tiefenbach Where are we going tomorrow. Waterfall, close to Hotel Tiefenbach
The big machines are ready for snow, even in the middle of June. Also Hotel Tiefenbach offered us to put our bikes inside. The mountain behind Hotel Tiefenbach DSC01081
Close to Furkapass P6120229 Furkapass Furkapass
Furkapass Grimselpass was closed, so we had to go back and find another road. Grimselpass Sustenpass 2.224 m
DSC01096 DSCN0797 DSCN0798 View point, south of Sustenpass
DSC01102 DSC01109 Lunch break at Gasthouse Kulm, close to Brienzwiler Gasthouse Kulm
This guy was really good in hanling his "glider" Going down to lower altitudes. Day 5, 359 km Hotel Don Pepe, in Kleinlützel, close to the French border.
Same procedure....... Wienerschnitzel.....again ! Our waiter for the evening. Last day. Lunch at Route Des Crêtes.
Last day. Lunch at Route Des Crêtes. Route Des Crêtes. Route Des Crêtes. Another stop (lunch) in Fouchy.
Bikers are welcome ! Just an hour from home. Day 6, 271 km