Bike Trip 2016

Day 1, May 28 2016. We started from Strasbourg at 6AM and were in Tollarp, Sweden at 19:15. Total distance 1.130 km. After 850 km, we took the Ferry boat from Puttgarden (Germany) to Rödby (Denmark). We arrived to Gunnar in Tollarp at 7:15PM. Karin & Gunnar had prepared a very nice dinner for us ! Day 2. We went from Tollarp to the ferry in Oskarshamn. 286 km on very nice roads.
Heinz dropped his glasses on the road and had to buy reading glasses. He was not very happy with this. Waiting for the ferry to Visby (Gotland) The boat tour from Oscarshamn to Visby took us 3½ hours. The trip to Fårösund from Visby, is about 60km. We rented a small house, very close to Fårösund.
Day 3. Heinz & Bertil went for some shopping ing Slite, while Gunnar saw some friends in Kyllaj. Heinz & Bertil went back via Kyllaj and we drove  back to Fårösund together. Total distance 50 km. In Slite, we visited Lotsbacken. Day 3 Afternoon. We took the ferry over to Fårö, which is just a 10 minutes ride. Fårö is a small island, but we still managed to drive 106 km. On the ferry to Fårö.
Bertil at Norra gattet, Fårö. Heinz & Gunnar at Norra Gattet, Fårö. Time has destroyed the seapilots harbour. As usual, we visited "Kutens". Unfortunatelly, it was closed.
Langhammars stone formations (Rauks) (north Fårö) Langhammars We also visited Helgumannen, a small fishing "village". Bertil, Heinz and Gunnar at Helgumannen.
We visited Bertils brother Lennart and wife Susanne. We tested Lennarts electrical scooter. Lennart & Susannes house at Fårö. Dinner in Fårösund with Bertils brother Lennart. Day 4. Torsburgen, Holmhällar, to Bertils cousin, Lars and back to Fårösund. Total distance 337 km.
Torsburgen Very nice gravel roads ! Gammelgarn fishing village. Holmhällar. Again, very nice stone formations (rauks)!
Gunnar and his new bike. This looks like two hedgehogs, kissing each other. Heinz, our "kid" in the group....climbing and playing ! Doesn't this look like a crocodile?
Holmhällar. If you want to ride along the sea, the roads are like this. Lunch in Burgsvik. We visited Bertils cousin, Lars and saw his fantastic house, close to När.
Bertil at the pier, were he learned to swim....almost 60 years ago....together with Gunnar. Play-time ! Day 5. Högklint, Gnisvärd, Västergarn. Total distance 294 km. Högklint is situated 5-6 km south of Visby. It's about 48 meters over the sea-level.
Bertil was not happy, to be so close to the edge. Nice cave ! We visited Janne W in Västergarn. Janne is an old school friend of Bertil. Kovik. The oldest fishing house, they have found on Gotland.
The island "Lilla Karlsö" in the background. 2016-06-01 (15) Janne joined us for a ride. Heinz looks a bit scared ! (Hallshuk)
Hallshuk The road from Hallshuk to Kappelshamn. Fleringe Lime mortar factory. Stenkusten. The beach along Fleringe-Ar.
Stenkusten Originally, the rim is black, but after a few hours in Gotland, they get white. Looks like he is having fun, with very nice weather ! The "lucky-stick" that we have brought on all trips, since 2007.
The Blue lagoon, close to Ar. Day 6. In the morning, we went by boat to Bungeör (see right "Bungeör Hamn"). A friend to Gunnar, Mikael, brought us there with his boat. Both Gunnars father and Bertils grandfather have been working there as seapilots. We spent a few hours there, walking around the little island.  In the afternoon, we just visited a few places around Fårösund (see map) Norra gattet, Furillen etc. Total distance 69 km. Waiting for the Bungeör. Mikael picked us up in the morning.
An old sign on the island from 1855, that  has been renewed. Gunnar in front of the house, where he spent several summers as a young boy, while his father was working as a seapilot. The old seapilots house. The very special seamark on the island. The mark is just on the half post, which means there are no seapilots available, at this moment.
The small island also has a light-house, that is still in use. I wonder if I can see Russia? We saw many bird-nests at the beach. Wonderful island to visit !
Mikaels house on the island. Norra gattet. We tried to teach Heinz the name of the sea mark..."Kummel". Some rauks in Lergrav. This one looks like an elephant. The daily prayer.....
Here a visit to Furillen. After-bike drink in our little house. Day 7. Time to leave our house. Day 7. We started to go from Fårösund to Visby, where we took the boat to Oskarshamn. From Oskarshamn, we drove all the way back to Gunnars place (Tollarp). Total distance: 368 km.
Ireviken. We also spent some time in Visby, here with Elvis. Ice-cream time ! Day 8. Looong day to go from Tollarp to Strasbourg ! (1134 km) We started at 6AM and arrived to Strasbourg at 7PM. We actually drove in total 1412 km in 24 hours (278 km + 1134 km), which means we were close to apply for a membership in the Ironbut association. In order to be a member there, you need to drive 1609 km (1000 miles) in 24 hours. We were too tired to continue for another 200 km.....and we couldn't make it within 24 hours.
The total trip was 3880 km, even if we couldn't apply for membership in Ironbut association, we are very happy with this trip. The weather couldn't have been better ! Early morning start from Tollarp. (6AM)